Cabin Coffee Co.

Cabin Coffee Company "Just be Happy and Have Fun"

Fresh roasted coffee, there’s nothing quite like it. Especially when that coffee comes from Cabin Coffee Co. From your first sip, it’s a taste you can embrace. They do coffee differently. A difference that’s all in logo Cabin Coffee Co.the beans. Cabin Coffee Co. roasts their beans in-house giving you a flavor and freshness just hours young. It’s done daily, it’s done right, it’s done on-site. Twelve minutes, one batch at a time – that’s what makes the difference between a typical cup and one that makes you say, “wow”. Distinct flavor notes you can detect, uplifting aromas, and eye opening signature blends. Are you ready for really good cup of coffee?

Cabin Coffee Co. is more than your average coffee shop. Whether you’re stopping in for a cup on the go, grabbing breakfast with friends or talking business over lunch, Cabin Coffee Co. offers a unique flavor all its own. So stop in, and as owners Cathy and Ed always say, “Just be happy…and have fun!” at Cabin Coffee Co., 4th and Jay in Downtown La Crosse and opening this fall – La Crosse North, Highway 16 in the La Crosse Wellness Center. Consider yourself invited.


401 Jay Street
La Crosse WI 54601 US
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Mon-Sat 7:00am - 4:30pm Sun 8:00am - 2:00pm