Septic Inspectors of Wisconsin

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Septic Inspectors of Wisconsin
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Septic Inspectors of Wisconsin logoAbout Septic Inspectors of Wisconsin

Pumping your holding tank is not always necessary. Let Septic Inspectors of Wisconsin inspect your tank in your presence and show you how your system is performing.

Your tank is like your car. A car will not run without fuel. Your septic tank will not work properly without bacteria.

The cost to have Septic Inspectors of Wisconsin come and check on your septic tank is 70% less than having a pumping truck. At Septic Inspectors of Wisconsin we have certified inspectors to do the job that will save you dollars.

Licensed inspectors working hard to keep you safe

Maintain your sewage system with the experts. We’re county-licensed inspectors working hard to keep our community – and you – clean and safe.

Call us to pay less for your inspection

With rates 70% less than pumping services, you can’t afford to waste this opportunity. When you need a routine inspection, your tank will be thoroughly examined.

If your tank doesn’t pass inspection, you don’t pay

If your tank does not pass its inspection, we do not charge you for our services. Call to have honest county-licensed inspectors examine your system today. Our work is guaranteed.


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