The Mission statement of the Hunger Task Force is as follows:  To eliminate hunger by harvesting community resources and being the voice of the hungry.

The Hunger Task Force operates two programs  1)  The Kane Street Garden, which produces over 30,000 pounds of fresh produce annually to give to the community free of charge, and 2) The Food Recovery Program, which “recovers” usable foods from distributors and grocers to distribute to 50 area food pantries and meal sites in the Coulee Region.

Make your tax free donation to:

Hunger Task Force of La Crosse Inc.
403 Causeway Blvd
La Crosse, Wi  54603

phone 608-793-1002


Another way to donate is by buying a copy of the “Empty Shoes” Collection of poems published by popcorn press.  With every copy sold through us we get a donation

The Empty Shoes project was originally conceived by Mr. Randolph, an instructor in the UW-La Crosse English as a Second Language Institute. He spent two years assembling the anthology’s contents from works by a wide variety of poets, all of whom donated their verses to the project. The Popcorn Press staff then donated their own time to bring the book to publication and to continuing its sales and distribution. All profits from sales of the book are to be given to charitable organizations that feed the hungry and homeless.