Cathedral of St. Joseph the Workman 



 Cathedral of St. Joseph the Workman
530 Main Street
La Crosse, Wl  54601

Mass Schedule

Sunday:  7:00, 8:30, 10:30 am; 5:10 pm.

Saturday:  6:30, 8:00 am; 5:10 pm.

Weekdays (M-F):  6:30, 8:00 am; 12:10 pm.

Holy Days (non-holiday):  5:10 pm (evening before);

6:30, 8:00 am; 12:10, 5:10 pm on the day itself.

Civil Holidays (Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day):  6:30, 9:00 am.

Check web site for schedules for Christmas, New Year’s Day and Easter.


Weekdays (M-F):  7:30 & 11:30 am.

Saturday:  7:30 am & 4:00-5:00 pm.


 The Cathedral of Saint Joseph the Workman is a Roman Catholic parish in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and the Mother Church of the Diocese of La Crosse.  The bishop of La Crosse celebrates all the major feasts of the church year here:  Holy Week, Christmas and many other major feasts.  The Cathedral Gallery Singers, directed by Dr. Brian Luckner, is a very fine mixed choir that is devoted to singing sacred choral music ranging from Gregorian Chant through the best choral music of our own time.  They sing at the 10:30 Mass on Sundays from mid-September through mid-June, and for selected major feasts and special liturgical celebrations. The Cathedral rectory is located at 530 Main Street in La Crosse, and the church is located at the corner of Main and Sixth Streets.