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The internet is changing every day.  It has changed the way we shop, get our news, entertainment, and communicate.  Be forward thinking join the trend now, advertise online with will help your business.  When searching for your business on Google or Yahoo wouldn’t you want your business toward the top?  With the website you have first page Google and Yahoo, getting over thousands of unique hit’s a month and over 50,000 page views per month.  The more places you have your site listed the better it comes up on search engines, and where better for a La Crosse Area Business to be listed than on a destination website.

A great way to advertise locally as well as globally and attract new clients to your business.  Advertising here is reasonable less than a dollar per day.  Partnership ads are also available.

The top 5 reasons to advertise on

1.  73% of Americans use the internet… A new Pew Internet & American Life Project report says 73% of Americans say they use the Internet, up from 66 percent in January 2005, with a big increase coming from those over 50.

2- No other marketing method can give you 24 hour seven day a week exposure for such a reasonable price.   Your message won’t be thrown away or lost, thus saving you time and money not getting a full color brochure printed and distributed.  The accessibility of the internet everywhere gives you a larger market and because of that a larger audience.

3- Potential visitors can turn into your future customers, the best thing about is that we reach a broad and diverse customer base.  For a cost effective ad for your business, for example a four line job ad in the Tribune is $280 per month.  Not, the cost is less than a dollar a day.

4- Advertising on the internet creates an impression of staying on top of the latest technology, plus it offers potential customers the opportunity for them to see your ad while at work thus saving them time, efforts and energy.  We all know a happy customer is a satisfied customer.

5- Placing your ad on WILL help you to connect with customers looking for your business.

We are now offering “Dot Commercials” an online mp3 of your businesses goods and services either voiced by you, your customers or a professional.

The question is not can I afford a website ad on but rather “Can I afford not to have an ad on this website?” Remember you want clients to easily find you and with more and more people searching for businesses online rather than the phone book you should be on

75% of visitors to La Crosse are here to sightsee, 63% to shop, 67% of the guests to La Crosse stay in hotels or motels staying an average of 2 nights.

7 of 10 people to La Crosse come from Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota including the Twin Cities area.

What you get for your yearly investment with
A write up of your business supplied by you.
Your logo, and a picture supplied by you.
Your contact information, hours and other information you feel important to tell your potential clients.

For more information please contact:

Bob Schmidt